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EKPC Collaborative Wraps Up

East Kentucky Power Cooperative’s Demand Side Management and Renewable Energy Collaborative has just wrapped up its two year process in which EKPC, 16 rural electric distribution co-ops and public interests groups worked together to devise practical ways for the utilities to include energy efficiency and renewable energy more fully in their portfolios. The Collaborative was created out of an agreement between EKPC and the Sierra Club, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Kentucky Environmental Foundation and individual rate payers in which EKPC abandoned plans to build a 278 MW coal-fired power plant in Clark County, Kentucky. The formal process ended in October this year; however, the group plans to continue the work on an informal basis.  I hope to remain part of the process and focus on the tremendous potential affordable, low-energy homes have as a demand side management tool, particularly when replacing pre-1976 mobile homes.  The closing statement of the public interest groups can be found here. Our fearless leaders wrote an op-ed about the process and outcomes here.


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